Shenzhen Source Commodity Production Co., Ltd

About US

Shenzhen Source Commodity Production Co., Ltd was established in March 2009 and is a national high-tech enterprise. It was once a pilot unit of Shenzhen Customs, Shenzhen Import and Export AAA Integrity Enterprise, and China Quality Integrity Enterprise.

Our Source children's bath washing & care products combining with animation dolls have become the benchmark leading in Japanese market, and are deeply loved by Japanese children and mothers, occupying more than 90% of the market.

Bath salts

Composed of minerals and plant essential oils, it is rich in iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements needed by the human body. It can promote skin metabolism, soften keratin, remove dead skin and excess oil, sterilize, reduce inflammation, repair uneven epidermis, and shrink large pores. Long-term use can eliminate the melanin on the skin, and gradually restore the skin's whiteness, tenderness and elasticity, so it has become the new favorite of modern people's skin care ...
Wax-based products

This product is a mild, transparent soap with a little foam. Allows little ones to enjoy drawing on the body or on tiles, paper, etc. while bathing, and can rinse with water after drawing. After opening, the tray can be used for soap...
Paper soap

It completely replaces ordinary soap, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, etc. It can be completely dissolved in water, contains active decontamination factor, decontamination and cleaning can be completed at one time; it is easy to carry and can be taken at any time. The raw materials used are all food grade, safe and non-toxic. Paper soap has the characteristics of easy to use, easy to carry, fresh and pleasant fragrance, and exquisite appearance...
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